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Nikki's Part 2

(WARNING: This story contains WG, Unrealistic Sizes, Breast Expansion, Butt Expansion, lowered IQ, Bimbo/Slutification, Sex, Group Sex, and in later parts slight slobification. Reader Discretion is advised.)

When she got to school that morning she sat down in class and began chatting with Brandy. Brandy had also changed though not as drastically as Jane. Brandy's breasts also seemed to be quite larger going from a c to a definite d-cup and were prominently displayed in front of her. She also seemed more distracted by boys which Jane happily discussed with her until.

" Ms Grey", Ms Drew said loudly, " would you mind greeting me in French?"

" Um, hola", Jane said inquisitively.

The whole class snickered as Jane looked confused.

" I hope your trying to be funny as you realize this is AP French and not Spanish one", Ms Drew said.

Jane laughed and nodded though she really did think that was French. As she continued on through her next two classes she came to the conclusion that she would drop all her classes for regular ones and drop French all together to have more alone time in the morning. On her way to her guidance office, during her Study Hall, she saw one of the football team waiting outside the office and felt urged to flirt with him.

" Heey, what's a big guy like you doing here ", she said while sauntering up to him.

He turned to her and was immediately greeted with her large tanned cleavage and plush pouty lips. It took him a few seconds of disbelief to comprehend such a woman, but then quickly realized what she was doing and played it cool.

" Oh, you know just got called down to talk about college athletic scholarships and what need for grades and shit", he responded nonchalantly.

" Really", she said sassily whilst putting her hip out and placing her hand on it, " that's so cool."

She continued and turned around giving him a great view of her ass which was rubbing on his crotch.

" I just came here to adjust my classes", she said whilst taking a large sigh which caused butt to jiggle up and down.

" See I'm new here and I didn't know what were the right classes to take and now I've got to reschedule them", she said innocently turning back around and giving a sad puppy look.

" Well I could help you out after you're done in there if you'd like", he said cooly.

" I would love that", she said cooingly, " you can show all the private areas."  

She then entered her guidance counselors office and sat down.

" Ah, you must be Ms Grey", her counselor Ms Smith said, " what brings you to my office today."

" Well, all of my classes seem to be a bit too tough for me", Jane said with a slight whimper, " I think I'm going to drop French and then lower my other classes a level."

" To regular courses", Ms Smith asked.

" No, lower."

" Remedial?"

" Yes, that's it", Jane confirmed.

" Okay, seeing as you already earned enough credits at you previous school and how as a senior you only have two weeks left I guess I could change your classes", Ms Smith said while printing out her new schedule.

" Thanks Ms Smith",  Jane said happily exiting her office.

" Now let's you go show me a place were we can be alone", she said to the football player.

As they walked over to a more remote part of the school Jane got wet in anticipation which began soaking through  her shorts. He took her to an unused sports equipment room that contained mostly floor mats. When they got in  she was dripping with excitement as her juices were running down her leg, she had never had sex before but now she desperately craved it. She locked the door behind them and false tripped in order to knock him onto one of the mats. When he looked up he could see her standing over top of him with her shorts soaking wet  and fluids running down her plump thighs.

She immediately began removing his pants exposing his rock hard cock which was around 7' long. Hastily she moved her shorts and thong to the side exposing her full and ready vagina and thrust his cock into herself in a reverse cowgirl position. Upon penetration she came immediately with an explosion of pleasure and cum. She continued in this position squatting up and down repeatedly causing her ginormous ass to land on his chest and face when doing so, which he enjoyed immensely as he began groping and slapping her fat ass causing it to quake and jiggle wildly whilst playing with her asshole causing her immense pleasure and to orgasm multiple times. After a while of being in this position she realized what she needed from him, getting off of his cock she placed her mouth around the tip and began to suck.Her plump lips gently played with his head until she went to completely deep throat his entire cock. After five minutes of blowing and jerking him off he came into her mouth which she vigorously drank up causing her to come a final time.

" Wow, I've never had sex like that before", he said panting, " Hey me and the other guys are having a party tonight for the team if you and a couple of your friends come by I'm sure they'll appreciate it."

" That sounds great", she said excitedly , " what time?"

" Here's the address", he said as be handed her a slip of paper," come around 12-ish."

" Super!", she exclaimed," um, how many is a couple?"

" Uh, two."

" Oh, okay I'll be there" , she said leaving the room.

As she left the room she pulled her shorts and thong back into position,while they were still noticeably wet they had begun to dry so she continued on her new schedule. It had been a little while since she left study hall and it was now mid lunch so she went to the cafeteria. There she saw the rest of the girls chatting at a table.

Just like her the others had changed as well though not as drastically.  Sophie was the least physically changed only accumulating a small amount of pudge around her midsection and seemed to be around 5 lbs larger, though at this point she was currently having Heather teaching her to spell her name.

Heather had also not grown as much only putting on around 15 lbs which again the majority of accumulated around her stomach causing a paunch to pool over onto her lap, she also had gone up a bra size from b to c-cup and had a noticeable double chin.

Crystal had a noticeable gain solely in her tits which had grown to e-cup size, but also looked larger as well making her weight around 130. Her tits were very poorly being contained by a tube top which didn't quite cover all of her nipples that also had been leaking earlier that day as Jane could see dark wet spots on her top. Crystals makeup also was laid on thicker than the previous day and her skin looked a darker shade of orange. Jane looked down to see all that she was wearing to cover her lower half was a micro-skirt which was very tight and fishnet stockings. It also appeared as if she had been busy as well as Jane could see streak marks up and down Crystals thighs.

Gwen appeared to have gained quite more than most of the  others. As she went to sit down at the table there was a loud rip that came from her yoga pants as they tore partly up the side and her flesh pushed out. She gained around  20 lbs since yesterday with the majority in her ass, both cheeks were now the size of basketballs. She also gained a slight noticeable amount on her stomach as it began to push over her pants.

Getting a good look at Brandy, Jane could see she gained more than she thought. Brandy had gained around 30 lbs, as described before her breasts had gone up a few sizes, but she also gained a bit in the butt causing her new grapefruit sized cheeks to be short skirt to ride up when she walked.

" Hiiii girls", Jane said happily.

" OMG! You look gorgeous", exclaimed Crystal, " I would totally fuck you."

"Well it wouldn't be the first time today", Jane said inciting a collective squee," it almost might not be the last."

"I need two of you to help me shop for a better outfit and then go to the football teams party", Jane announced, " Crystal already said she'd help me shop so I need one more."

"Oooh, Me! Me!", Brandy said loudly, " we're besties right?"

"Yeah totally, sorry girls I'll spend time with you later", Jane said apologetically.

As the bell rung Jane found out that she and Sophie both were in the same remedial math class this period so they went to class together. Their teacher handed them a worksheet of simple multiplication problems which Jane was able to solve with some difficulty, but Sophie couldn't understand.

"Teacher", Sophie called, " what's this letter?", she said pointing to her paper.

"That's the number two", he said bluntly.

"Oh, and what does that do?", she asked innocently.

The teacher was shocked in disbelief to hear this and wrote Sophie a pass to the guidance office and had Jane help her their.

"What happened", Jane asked as Sophie exited the office.

"They told me I was special and were going to put me in a class with more people like me called  Special Education", Sophie said with a happy confidence, " and I get to skip the rest of school today."

"Aw, that sounds so cool", Jane whined," I wish I was special."

"Yep", Sophie said, " well see you later."

Jane then went on to her next class which was a remedial social studies class in which she saw Gwen in front.  As she walked up behind Gwen Jane could see that Gwen was leaned forward asleep at her desk. This had caused Gwen's pants to tear even more, as her ass was being pushed out over the back of her seat there was a medium sized tear between the middle of her cheeks. About five minutes before the end of class Gwen woke up and asked to use the rest room which the teacher allowed. As she got up the tear in her pants caught on the chair and ripped through the waist band causing her pants to rip off entirely exposing her huge fat ass to the world as it was currently eating her panties. She hadn't noticed as she continued slowly walking out of the room, ass jiggling all the way.

Jane's final period was again Phys. Ed., but after two and a half minutes of jogging Jane had had enough. Her body was covered head to toe in sweat making her skin shiny and her clothes a dampened color. When she quickly leaned over to catch her breath her short slid all the way up her ass crack into a makeshift thong exposing all of her ass to the world and her tits finally had enough force to pop out of her shirt and began to jiggle and sway wildly without her noticing. Jane then proceeded to ask her gym coach to go to the guidance office to which he grunted and nodded without looking her way. As Jane walked with both her ass and tits showing and jiggling in open air into her counselors office she saw her counselor was busy messing with her desk so Jane just told her the situation, Ms Drew said she would drop it, and then Jane left.

When Jane finally got home and saw herself she realized what had happened and giggled. She then fixed her tits but left the shorts as they were because she thought it looked great. Crystal and Brandy had texted her to meet them at the mall by the new Nikki's that had just opened their and that they had a surprise. When Jane got their she could see the surprise was that Nikki's had not only opened a new food stand but that it now had a clothing store attached which contained all kinds of clothes of all sizes from small to 10 XL. She immediately squealed from joy as they all went in to shop for tonight. Along with other clothes she bought for school Jane had bough an open backed pink dress that displayed a ton of cleavage, also exposed her belly, and ended with a short skirt. Brandy had bought a tube top much like Crystals and a pair of spandex shorts which had a hole in the shape of a heart on the ass. Crystal only purchased a pair of covers for her nipples and a lace thong that a cut for her vagina.

"The boys are going to love us", they all said as they exited the store.

They then headed into Nikki's because Jane was hungry from not eating lunch. Jane decided to get a order of Loaded Nachos and a White Rapid drink. Both Crystal and Brandy got White Rapids but Brandy got Hour Shrimp and Crystal got top fries. They got up and then started feeling funny. Jane looked down and realized the were getting larger. Janes hips had flared out even more now being about 3' wide thus snapping off her yoga shorts. Her thighs and legs also were getting larger now being around car tire size and fat folding over her kneecaps. Lastly her ass, pumped with fat was now beach ball size and would jiggle when she breathed.  Brandy had busted out of her shirt with her new e-cup tits and her skirt rode all they way up over her now basketball sized ass cheeks. Crystal had also broken her tube top and was currently holding up her f-cup breasts. They all then split up and left to go prepare, but before Jane left the mall she stopped in a tattoo place and got a tongue piecing and a tramp stamp that read Insert Here. She then realized she didn't have money to pay and seduced the artist by inviting him to the mall restroom where she gave him a blow job. As they got to the party that night all there assets were prominently displayed.

"Ah, welcome girls", a player said as he opened the door," gentlemen the entertainment has arrived."

As the girls entered both Crystal and Jane had fluid running down there legs and Crystal was lactating causing her nipple covers to fall off. Each of them took a third of the team Crystal instantly began servicing the smaller built men shoving two cocks in her mouth giving a tit job to three and having one occupy her vag and another her ass. Brandy started by giving out hand jobs while other men would service her twat. Jane immediately began with the largest of the team in a complete gangbang taking three dicks in the, ass two in the cunt, blowing one, jerking two, and giving a tit job. After around two hours all of their clothes had been torn off or open and they were covered in bodily juices with the three of them now licking each other clean though it was inefficient as they would finger each other doing so. At around three in the morning they left and went back home.
The continuation. I don't quite know how I feel about this part yet but I think it's ready anyways.
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